My Inspiration from books:I have four books at the moment which i like very much, so i thought i would share them with you guys. And I like to know if you know any good books.

Diana Hardy Wilson
The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques

Hazel Harrison
The Encyclopedia of Drawing Techniques

Linda Woods and Karen Dinino
Journal Revolution; rise up and create (art journals, personal manifestos and other artistic insurrections)

Lynne Perrella
Artists Journals and Sketchbooks; Exploring and Creating Personal Pages


Love these colors:

double spreads

this one I made in April, still not sure about the future and what to do.

Made in April, was missing Finland, the people, the nature, the snow...more or less everything

And then a little depressed mood, think you all know them...when people tell you what to do or how you should think.or they think they can think for you and know you better then yourself...

SPRING! yeah spring was coming in May...some very nice days. Lyrics are from a Finnish band Entwine.so hate the handwriting, it is not my own...well it is but not the normal one...
"Beutiful morning's breaking, leaving us all behind, all of the gloomy faces and all the truth behind"

Me in Scandinavia

does not really matter where i would be, there are so many places...well there only a few where I have been so...but long to be surrounded by nature. Being alone, but not alone....if anyone understands that. I mean walking on a sand path up to a beautiful lake....together with my thoughts....sitting there at watching how the wind plays with the water in front of me. But also being able to go back into the city ....where people are. listen to their languages...and realising I so want to learn those.

I usually feel like i should have been born in one of those countries or go and live there, but one friend pointed out that maybe I should not and keep it for holidays....you know then you can truly enjoy and relax. though i think that if you live near a city or in a city (im also such a city person, well not too big but there has to be bars and a venue with bands that play there...) you can escape into the country side right? or other nordic countries.

And somehow I do not know how to get these thoughts down in my journal. visual. just great lakes with my wooden cottage?


"There is an art of listening. To be able to really listen, we should abandon or put aside all our prejudices, pre-formulations of daily activities. But unfortunately most of us listen through a screen of resistance. We are screened with prejudices, whether religious or spiritual, psychological or scientific, or with our daily worries, desire, or fear. And we these for a screen, we listen. Therefore really, we listen to our own noise, our own sound, not to what is being said. It is extremely difficult to put aside our training, our prejudices, our inclination, our resistance, and reaching beyond our verbal expression, to listen so that we understand instantaneously."

-Jiddy Krishnamurti, "The First and Last Freedom"


I still do not have a scanner, because somehow my dad is too lazy to buy a connection cable. And he thinks I do not know what kind he need so he want to do it himself. okay, no problem but I still can't scan any work. :(

So I decided I will make some "crappy" photos for you all.Yesterday I went with a friend to some nature place in my town, though the sun was not shining and all, it looked kind of sad but still it was very peaceful to walk there surrounded by nature. No other humans, no city life, just trees, plans and all kinds of animals.I like it there. I really need to go back when it is a more sunny day, one of those where you still have this little breeze in your hair. I should bring not only my camera but also a book, just laying in the green grass, staring at the sky and the clouds drifting by. I wish summer was here.


Although it is not officially summer, i more then ever have that summer feeling. I mean I went to the beach today, and lay down in my bikini, drinking rose and enjoying life in general. So good.
Have sort of neglecting this place, but my dad is so slow in connecting the scanner...im waiting for that to happen someday. While I just spend my time on my school work, watching movies, sitting outside in the sun (this week) and creating some present for a friend. I saw this thing that SUZIBLU made. Dont know what the thing is called but you can put little things in it. I found one on a flea-market and am busy transforming it in a present for a friend


I ordered a book about background, layers and stuff...so hope it will arrive on tuesday morning so I can take it with me to a friend. It is going to be a busy week.

Oh i bought this salmiakki liqouricse candy -stick/thing/zuurstok. whatever but it is good! I so love it. Although for most people it will remind them of fun fairs...me it reminds me of the beach, can't remember when was the first time. But i always buy one, or two or three. Then i'm standing there between all those little kids, screaming at their parents for some candy. And me just buying sweets for myself. hihi. Feels good though. Feels happy.


Because I am still working on the first things in my journal, and because I think it is not good enough. Well at least for my own standards....
I decided to post some old photos. I will post a couple from a Urban Black and White shoot I did in Bristol.
Very artsy town, lived there for 6 months. And although I am not so fond of the english people I do like that city and the accent they have when speaking.

wonder why

Do you guys ever wonder why you get those brilliant ideas in your head of an art work, painting or photo. And then when you are going to realize it...you find out you can't. It is like the art is telling you to quit because you can never ever create that what you have in mind. In that way it is never rewarding it is never enough. It does not satisfy me. Why. What is this? I really have it so many times in my head in know exactly what to do or what angle to take a photo thinking about the place I want to capture but when I get there....or making/creating something I get far from where I would like to be. It is kind of depressing, really.

It's like when you dream of this great guy you met and he is just great, friendly and handsome and like everything you look for in a guy. That dream will feel so real that when you wake up you feel happy and in love, soon to find out it all was just a very realistic dream. close to minutes where you realize it was just a dream and you would probably never ever meet that guy. At least I came to the point where I think I scare boys away. For some reason. But that sucks right?

Why can it be so brilliant in your head, why can you see it in front of you but your head does not seem to work with your hands.