Well I met up with a friend yesterday. She is amazing in Concert photography and got me going as well. This weekend I will be in Germany at a Gothic festival. And i hope that i can make some very cool people photos as well as the bands of course. I just love how those gothic people dress up, and they are excellent to pose for the camera. So we will see. And i hope i can show you some as well. If anyone is interested.

So when going home i forgot my phone there, so now i need to be in the train for an hour, get my phone and go back. Im a little ill but okay I will drag a art book and a normal book with me. And read. Also when im back home im thinking of telling how i made those last spreads. And post it as well as here as on lj. not that im so great, i mean i just got started. But i like to share it because i feel i learned a lot in the last few weeks. And someone needs to tell me how you can do that all minimalistic or not that much color out there. And i made 4 stamps myself. I SO LOVE IT!

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